Persona 5 Free Strikers With Playstation Plus: What Game Is It Exactly?

As had happened several times in the past few months, the free games of January 2022 PlayStation Plus have been properly anticipated. Among the titles that, with the arrival of the new year, will be granted through the subscription service, we find Persona 5 Strikers. Starting from his kind of belonging, we find out what game it is.

Person 5 Strikers is a J-RPG based on action, born from the joint efforts of Atlus and the Omega Force team. Although the latter is known to keep the flag of the musou high, the game in question is widely distanced from the classic exponents of the genre, thanks to a ludonarrativa formula inherited from Person 5. As spin-off of the fifth iteration of the series … that we remember being born in turn from the Megami Tensei …………… All this, however, without taking into account the exclusive events of the Royal version of Person 5.

In case you want to further explore any qualities and defects of the work, here is our review of Persona 5 Strikers. On the pages of you will also find a full-body guide dedicated to the game, useful to survive in the prisons of Persona 5 Strikers.

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