Person 5 Strikers: What Are And How Do You Get The Most Powerful Person

Just like his acclaimed predecessor, Persona 5 Strikers also presents a mechanics with which to merge different Personae in order to acquire more powerful entities to employ during the clashes. Starting from their basic statistics, we find out which are the best in the game and how to get control of it.


Force : 29

: 29 Magic: 33

: 33 Resistance: 31

: 31 Agility: 32

: 32 Fortune: 26

Based on the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music and arts, Sarasvati is undoubtedly the most complete Support Person of the game. To make it so, its ability to constantly regenerate the health of the entire group, also ensuring a remedy against altered status. It is obtained by merging Valkyrie, Bicorn, Arahabaki and Naga.


Force: 57

: 57 Magic: 46

: 46 Resistance: 45

: 45 Agility: 52

: 52 Fortune: 41

When it comes to purely physical damage, this skilled swordsman far exceeds the other Personas thanks to his predisposition to inflict critical blows. It is obtained by merging Siegfried, Arahabaki, Okuninushi and Yatagarasu.


Force: 32

: 32 Magic: 35

: 35 Resistance: 30

: 30 Agility: 35

: 35 Fortune: 28

The Egyptian deity that reigns over death can be a formidable ally, especially in the long – distance fighting. Just like the samurai just quoted, Seth also gives the best of herself when aiming at critical damage. It is obtained by merging Mithras and Koppa Tengu.


Force: 50

: 50 Magic: 43

: 43 Resistance: 43

: 43 Agility: 44

: 44 Fortune: 43

The Evil of Buddhist mythology compensates for its only elemental weakness with innate resistance to most types of damage. As if that were not enough, he can also learn some of the most powerful skills of Persona 5 Strikers. It is obtained by merging Yoshitune and Alice.

Black Frost

Force: 44

: 44 Magic: 46

: 46 Resistance: 41

: 41 Agility: 42

: 42 Fortune: 35

Considered to be Jack Frost’s ultimate form, this Personae is based entirely on the use of magic while demonstrating an excellent versatility. As a meeting point for the best ice and fire skills, Jack or…Lantern, Jack Frost and King Frost are merged.


Force: 42

: 42 Magic: 37

: 37 Resistance: 41

: 41 Agility: 37

: 37 Fortune: 33

The god of lightning, as well as the son of Odin, does not need introductions. It is obtained from the fusion of Trumpeter with Nebiros and thanks to the power inherent in the legendary Mjölnir, it represents the perfect balance between physical and elemental damage.


Force : 30

: 30 Magic : 39

: 39 Resistance: 34

: 34 Agility: 35

: 35 Fortune: 28

To make Norn a horse worth betting on is his ability to learn Panta Rhei, that is the move of attribute Wind stronger than the whole game. In addition, its supporting skills can be just as useful. It is obtained by merging Mithras and Mithra.


Force: 42

: 42 Magic: 38

: 38 Resistance: 40

: 40 Agility: 42

: 42 Fortune: 37

With its remarkable and balanced statistics, the goddess of Hindu destruction can be considered the best Personae among those who use the Psychokinetic element. To get it, you just have to merge Cerberus and Forneus.


Force: 35

: 35 Magic: 38

: 38 Resistance: 38

: 38 Agility: 34

: 34 Fortune: 33

Within Person 5 Strikers, in terms of effectiveness based on the Nuclear element, nothing approaches Mot. Between buffs and skills designed specifically to synergize perfectly, this Personae can inflict considerable damage. It is obtained by merging Bugbear and Fortuna.


Force : 49

: 49 Magic: 53

: 53 Resistance: 54

: 54 Agility: 52

: 52 Fortune: 39

Although less versatile than the aforementioned Sarasvati, the divine counselor Metatron has no rival when it comes to supporting his group in difficulty. Among the Personae who exploit the sacred element, this is the best. It is obtained by merging Archangel, Principality, Trumpeter and Dominion.


Force: 41

: 41 Magic: 55

: 55 Resistance: 39

: 39 Agility: 54

: 54 Fortune: 43

In Persona 5 Strikers, the famous character born from the mind of Lewis Carroll is a war machine that inflicts instant death. Top of the absolute range regarding the attribute Cursed, this Personae is obtained by merging Nebiros, Lilith, Bugbear and Dominion.


Strength: 5

: 5 Magic: 57

: 57 Resistance: 57

: 57 Agility: 54

: 54 Fortune: 50

The fallen angel is at the cost of the strongest Personae of the game, the most controllable entity of the J-RPG created by Omega Force and Atlus. Its unique Morning Star skill, devoid of attribute, can literally devastate any kind of enemy. It is obtained by merging Black Frost, Mara, Metatron, Alice and Yoshitsune.

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