Person 5: Russian Cosplay Ann Takamaki Shirogane Will Steal Your Heart

Shin Megami Tensei gave birth years and years ago a rib initially small, then very big. A universe to itself that of Person, which at every video game released seems to become more and more solid and famous. Person 5 with its expansions and subsequent versions sealed this reality of excellent level.

A JPRG as Person 5 that enchants video gamers for dozens – if not hundreds – of hours can not but be based on a solid plot and captivating characters. Each of the elements of Atlus’ creature must be optimized to the maximum, and so it is. In Tokyo’s Persona there are many adventures to discover and clashes to win, with the protagonist who is flanked by many characters.

One of the companions to exploit in the battles of the game is Ann Takamaki, who we will play in the role of Panther, one of the Phantom Thieves. Dressing the shoes of high school and model, Ann dresses a tight red suit with a feline mask and a red whip, creating a fulfilling and seductive design. The Russian model Shirogane-sama, one of the most famous in the industry, presents to her audience a fantastic cosplay of Panther, with Ann Takamaki who can shine in this version.

PlayStation video players know it well, but unfortunately for PC players or other consoles it will be difficult to see the characters of Persona 5 in action.

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