Person 5 Royal On Pc, Nintendo Switch Or Xbox? No Way, For An Insider

During October, Atlus’ team offered a glimmer of hope when – probably due to a simple mistake – it cited a Nintendo Switch and PC version of Persona 5 Royal.

Until now, however, the Japanese giant has never officially made any multiplatform debut for the epic of the Heart Thieves. To dampen the latest glimpses of optimism by fans of the JRPG series, we now think of a note insider and dataminer. Active online as Pan-Hime, the latter, a great fan of Persona 5, has in fact published a short Tweet, in which he shares some information of which he would have recently come to know.

In essence, the insider states, Persona 5 Royal would not be bound to the PlayStation 4 alone (and PlayStation 5, thanks to the retrocompatibility functions) by any exclusivity agreement between Atlus and Sony. Despite this, Pan-Hime continues, the expanded version of JRPG would not be destined to see the light on other platforms. According to the dataminer, in short, there would be no chance to see Persona 5 Royal landing at surprise on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One or Xbox Series X

Despite the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the Persona series, which recently led to the announcement of vinyls of the soundtrack of the five main chapters of Persona, the Phantom Thieves would not be destined for new incursions outside the Play Of course, we are talking about unconfirmed information: only Atlus could clarify once and for all the fate of Persona 5 Royal.

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