Person 4 Golden On Nintendo Switch, Ps4 And Ps5? Speak Known Insider!

The extraordinary success of Persona 5 has opened the way to a progressive revival of the series, with Atlus who has provided to make available many productions, between spin-off of the adventure of the Ghost Thieves and new porting of previous chapters.

Just recently, we saw the announcement of the PS4 version, Nintendo Switch and PC of Persona 4 Arena Ultix, but the path of progressive IP return may not be completed yet. To suggest it, it is the well-known video game insider active on the net under the pseudonym Zippo. After recently reporting that he had come to know of the existence of a Portable Remastered Person 3, the latter has in fact returned to express itself on the future of the Atlus series.

According to Zippo, in particular, the Japanese company would have a further surprise in store. Once the great success of Persona 4 Golden on PC was seen, the gaming giant would have decided to propose further porting for JRPG. In particular, the insider states, Person 4 Golden would be about to reach new consoles, including Nintendo Switch. Traditionally, the Personal series is not used to reach Xbox hardware, so it seems realistic to assume that the other “consoles” to which Zippo refers could possibly be PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

According to the insider, both Person 3 Portable Remastered and the re-edition of Person 4 Golden would be scheduled for 2022. At the moment, however, the rumor has not found any official confirmation.

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