Pc, The Great Exclusives Of 2022: From Baldur’s Gate Iii To Dune’s Sands

After presenting the Xbox One and Xbox Series X Plus exclusives coming in 2022, it’s time to look at the PC gaming universe.

The platform is ready for a new year that is definitely interesting, which promises to keep up with the productions that have been accepted over the last few months, between Microsoft Flight Simulator and Age of Empires IV. To take stock of the situation and summarize the main PCs expected during 2022, the Editorial Staff has prepared a rich dedicated review, proposed in traditional format and in the form of videos. The latter, as tradition has passed, is available in the opening to this news, but also on the YouTube Channel of Everyeye.

Among the titles present at the appeal, stands out of course the highly anticipated Baldur’s Gate III, unexpected follow-up of the iconic GDR saga, but not only. The PC videogaming catalogue will also welcome next year a new transposition of the sands of Arrakis, with the interesting Dune: Spice Wars, announced at The Game Awards 2021. After the success of the Dune: Part 1 of Denis Villeneuve, Shiro Games’ team decided to raise the curtain on its strategic inspired by Frank Herbert’s ski-fi masterpiece.

What is the exclusive PC expected for next year than to wait with more trepidation?

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