Pc Gaming And Consoles: Coming A New Golden Age? Dfc Analysis Suggests This

Starting from the latest data on sales recorded between video games, accessories, consoles and video gaming hardware, DFC Intelligence has developed an analysis that suggests the imminent arrival of a real Golden Age for the digital entertainment industry.

The interesting analysis conducted by DFC Intelligence experts takes inspiration from commercial data from all major gaming markets, according to which hardware sales (including both games and consoles, GPUs and various accessories) would be destined to

According to analysts, the global spending of fans will increase from the current $82 billion to $135 billion by 2026, and this does not count the expense for gaming products used via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

In exposing the results of its analysis, the DFC team points out that unlike other entertainment sectors, spending on video gaming hardware is not a safe haven or a transitory phenomenon. From ecommerce sales exponentially increased due to the Coronavirus pandemic to the constant sold-out of PS5 and Xbox Series X, to the exceptional sales of Nintendo Switch, all indicators indicate the growing interest of the

What emerges from the DFC Intelligence report is also what analysts themselves describe as “a clear lesson, namely that consumers are willing to pay for high-end hardware because when it comes to playing, consumers always ask for the best. This explains the intentions of buying console fans, with PS5 selling twice as much Xbox Series X because Xbox Game Pass, although it is a great service, does not necessarily require the purchase of an X Series. And finally there is the market Just think of Flight Simulator, a title that requires a high-end PC and encourages fans to equip themselves with customized accessories to make the most of it.”

And what do you think about that? Do you think that from here to 2026 we will witness the advent of a real Golden Age of PC gaming and consoles or, on the contrary, you consider DFC analyses too optimistic? Let us know with a comment.

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