Pc Building Simulator: A ‘Virtual Restock’ Of Geforce Rtx Series 30 Gpu With Update 1.14

To the more than 4 million users who have redeemed free on Epic Store PC Building Simulator in October will be pleased to know that the work of Claudiu Kiss and The Irregular Corporation has recently received a rich “virtual restock” of

Already available from mid-December in the Steam version of the title, the latest update of the small large indie gem that turns players into proven high-end PC gaming assemblers brings into dowry on Epic Store a new free Workshop with lots of elements

The highlight of the Update 1.14 is however represented by the introduction of many video cards from the Series 30 Ti NVIDIA GeForce RTX, as well as numerous ASROCK motherboards and the latest liquid cooling solution from Cooler Master AIO There are also digital supplies of new RAIJINTEK CPU blocks, RAM Teamgroup and G.Skill benches, homes and SSD memories.

Each of the modular elements introduced by the update can be used in the Career and in the remaining PC Building Simulator modes, thus ensuring a wider range of components to be used to upgrade or assemble from scratch the PC gaming dreams of its virtual customers. All this, without the nightmare of the cavalpers and the hundreds of stocks for the semiconductor crisis that is affecting the real high-end GPUs and helping to make almost untraceable technological devices like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

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