Panzer Corps 2 Pacific: The Strategic Expansion With The Largest Dlc Ever

Coinciding with the Home of Wargames Live, Slitherine announced Panzer Corps 2 Pacific, a full-bodied expansion that will introduce a series of new campaigns and other additional content within the play package offered by the strategic

For the first time in its 10 years of history, the Panzer Corps series will explore the Pacific Ops Theatre during World War II. This DLC is the first chapter of a new series of campaigns that portray the dramatic events of the Pacific War.

In this new expansion players can enjoy many new scenarios immersed in a completely new graphics, new game rules and a new main faction. Pacific is still the good old Panzer Corps 2 game that fans appreciate and love, but at the same time it is also a new, different and original experience.

Finally, Japan, one of the world’s major powers at the time of World War II, was added to Panzer Corps 2. With the introduction of Pacific, Japan is playable not only in the new campaign, but also in the casual and multiplayer scenarios, and is also fully available for modders and designers of custom content.

In the Pacific Theatre, naval warfare played an important and critical role, and so we needed to expand and add depth to the naval aspect of the game. For this reason, the rules of the naval game have been greatly renewed and extended.

For more information about the wargame that rewrites World War II, we refer you to our Panzer Corps Review 2.

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