Pandemic: The Board Game Removed From Digital Stores By Developer Choice

Asmodee Digital developers and Z-Man Games publishers decide, in a completely autonomous way, to block the sale of Pandemic The Board Game, a strategic one that puts users in charge of a task force to stem the advance

The initiative announced by Asmodee and Z-Man Games has already led to the blocking of all options to purchase the title on Steam, App Store and Google Play, and then continue with the disposal of Pandemic from Microsoft S Those who follow us will already know that Pandemic also came out of Xbox Game Pass in January.

The motivations that led the authors of Pandemic The Board Game to remove it “silently” from digital stores on PC, consoles and mobile systems iOS and Android have not been made known, although it is difficult not to make them renegade The abandonment from the stores, of course, will not preclude access to the title by those who have already purchased it, thus remaining available in the ludotheque of their own platform of election.

With an email sent to a player, and shared on the PC Gamer pages, Asmodee explains that “we want to thank you and all Pandemic players for your loyalty and support. Unfortunately, we’re removing the Pandemic app from the Stores. We worked hard for four years on this game and picking it up from the stores was not an easy choice. This decision was made with a heavy heart for a multitude of reasons that we prefer not to quote.” At the same time as removing from stores, Asmodee Digital has chosen to delete all references to the game from its official website.

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