Pac-Man Community Announced By Facebook: A New Interactive Multiplayer Experience

In collaboration with Bandai Namco Entertainment publisher and Genvid developer, Facebook Gaming announced Pac-Man Community, available today on Meta’s social platform on desktop and mobile apps. This is a new experience dedicated to the famous yellow ball, which is clearly focused on the interaction between users and content creator.

Using Play with Streamer functionality, users can play Pac-Man Community with influencers and other members of the Facebook community. The title includes a co-op mode for four players, an optimized maze editor for mobile devices, rankings and community challenges.

When active, the Watch Mode (launched in Beta phase) will help or hinder an AI-controlled Pac-Man or the four fantasies (do you already know their names?) through the game video player. Facebook states that these features are some of the first steps in its metaverse vision.

Interactive experiments of this kind have already been carried out by Twitch, where viewers can for example take control of a Pokémon or actively influence the streamer during its game sessions by guaranteeing extra objects or instantly eliminating his person With its Crowd Play feature, Google Stadia allows viewers to connect in real time to a streamer game and play with him. Find more information about the project following the official website of Meta.

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