Overwatch: A Cold And Adorable Mei In Elune’s Cosplay

Overwatch is about to change: after many years with the first video game, which marked an important phase of Blizzard, the sequel is coming. Overwatch 2 will debut in time for the 2022 League, which means that soon we will be able to use the characters proposed by Blizzard in the new arenas, creating other epochal challenges.

Of course, there are many connections between the two games, one on all characters. There are some well-known faces that were present in the first game and there will also be in the second, such as the Mei climatologist. Of Chinese origin, the 31-year-old Mei-Ling Zhou will be one of the characters present in Overwatch 2. Although not one of the members of the initial cast of the video game, Mei has been cutting out a lot of space since 2015 becoming one of the favorite characters of fans and ending up in the side MOBA of Blizzard Heroes of the Storm.

The cosplayer Elune decided to present the character with the clothes seen in Overwatch. The glacial adventurer will be able to hit you with his snowballs even in real life thanks to this cosplay of Mei visible in the picture below. The white fur dress with many blue embroidery that also recall the design of snowflakes creates a beautiful contrast, while the setting helps to fall into a winter atmosphere.

It will still take little time to review Mei in Overwatch 2, in the final stages of development.

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