Open Fiber Cup: The End Of A Successful Season, Apex Legends Absolute Protagonist

The new edition of the Open Fiber Cup, for the first time in the battle royale of Respawn Entertainment and EA (in the process of arriving on PS5 and Xbox X/S), among the titles, has ended.

The partnership between Open Fiber, a leading company for infrastructure made entirely of optical fibre and ESL, a reference platform for exports in Italy, is renewed, with a format that since its debut has established itself as an unmissable reference point

There are 140 teams participating who have been fighting since November 2021 until the January final, conducted by Bryan \ BryanBox \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \

To the team champion, composed of Balerion players, Willemkh and Zerefttv and the best teams of the tournament a prize pool of 4,000 euros in Amazon vouchers. New edition, as well as the host title (we invite you to read the special dedicated to the season 11 that is about to end), also in the formula: the Open Fiber Cup has seen an increasing involvement of the competitive community, represented by EGA_TV

For the first time in this edition, participants were able to participate with the cross-platform formula, i.e. without platform constraints.

Nicoletta Schenk from ESL Italy: • The partnership between Open Fiber and ProGaming confirms itself with this solid and innovative project, reflecting the DNA of our companies, which make concreteness and innovation fundamental elements in a winning formula

Andrea Colucci from Open Fiber: About two years ago we actively support the gaming world and the community response is always very positive. In 2022 we will create several initiatives that will aim to increase the awareness of users about the need for FTTH connectivity, made entirely of optical fiber, to compete at the highest levels, with infinitesimal latency times and performance by professional players

To stay up to date on Open Fiber Cup and the Italian ESL-plated initiatives, you can follow ESL social media and the ESL Italia Twitch channel.

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