Not Only Gotham Knights: Wb Montreal May Have Another Game In Development

Gotham Knights, RPG action focused on the bat-family composed of Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Red Cap, may not be the only project currently being worked at Warner Bros’ studios.

Judging by the profile LinkedIn of Senior Artist Megan Berry, there would seem to be more in development at Canadian software house studios. Berry has declared itself Co-Fondator and Art Director of a mysterious project that has not yet been announced in addition to the already well-known Gotham Knights. The artist would have worked on the pillars of gameplay, on the design of functionality, on the development of infrastructure in collaboration with production (artistic direction, Trello, JIRA), and on the processing of a demo – it is not clear whether playable or simply visual

The curriculum also presents another key detail: it presents an end date. The artist has worked on the project in question since its birth, scheduled in September 2019, until June 2021. There are three possibilities: 1) Berry may have left the project to get to work on something else; 2) The game may have been cancelled; 3) It may have been paused until the end of the work on Gotham Knights, currently planned

We are waiting for new information, meanwhile for a duty of completeness we point out that Warner Bros. Montreal has been taking on new working figures for some time already. The skills required have prompted someone to associate the name of the studio with a new Superman project.

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