Not Only Final Fantasy 16: Dragon Quest X Offline Is Late Too, It Will Be Released In Summer

We talked about the delay in the development of Final Fantasy 16 and apparently the situation involves Dragon Quest X Offline, whose release was postponed for a few months.

Square Enix announced that Dragon Quest X Rise of the Five Tribes Offline will not be released on February 26, 2022 in Japan but will only arrive during the summer on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch and PC via Steam. In addition, the publisher lets know that the expansion Dragon Quest X The Sleeping Hero and the Guiding Ally Offline will be released during autumn 2022 and no longer in summer as initially planned.

The game manufacturer lets you know that the referral has made it necessary to improve some aspects of the project, the manufacturer has not gone into detail, just stating that the team needs more time to complete the works and deliver to the public an experience Dragon Quest X Offline

There are no confirmations about the arrival of Dragon Quest X Rise of the Five Tribes Offline in the West, at the moment Square Enix has reiterated that the game is expected for the Japanese market only even if the launch on Steam might suggest the will to publish the

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