Nobody Saves The World Lands On Pc And Xbox Game Pass: The Sparkling Gdr Launches In Video

The announced arrival on Game Pass by Nobody Saves the World takes place at the release of the latest, sparkling Rolex adventure of DrinkBox on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

The new GDR experience shaped by Canadian developers invites us to explore a colourful dimension populated by meek creatures and unusual beings that await the inexorable end of their world by the dark force known as Calamity.

Our task is to wear the shoes of the only hero who will put himself in the game to stop the advance of Calamity: to succeed in his feat, our alter-ego can become “less anonymous” in the eyes All this, told with the ironic and scanned eye that has always characterized the works of the Drinkbox studios, suffice to think of what the authors of Toronto proposed with the series of Guacamelee.

If you want to learn more about this role-playing experience in platformer sauce, we invite you to stay on our pages to read the review of Nobody Saves the World by Icilio Bellanima.

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