No Longer Home: Discovering Humble Grove’s Intimistic Graphic Adventure

Already available from July 2021 on PC and Mac OS, with subsequent landing on Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles (both Xbox One and Series X/S), No Longer Home is an interesting graphic adventure with intimistic features developed Let’s discover the point and click experience produced by Fellow Traveller.

The project carried out by Humble Grove’s independent development company adopts the well-established videogaming language of graphic adventures to explore topics such as the search for an identity and the inevitable difficulties to be faced in the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

The title puts us in the role of Bo and Ao to tell us their story made of dreams, frustrations and fears, a narrative path that brings fans of the genre and experience the different moods of the two protagonists and materialize their

As we can see from the scenes taken from the launch video and its image gallery, No Longer Home is characterized by a graphic section in low-poly style and, above all, a narrative canovaccio particularly stratified, with numerous dialogues that contribute

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