Nintendo Vs. Team Xecuter: Gary Bowser Pleads Guilty, Will Have To Pay $4.5 Million – Updated

The trial that sees Nintendo’s lawyers opposed to the bosses of Team Xecuter for the hacks and hacks of Switch comes to a turning point: the hacker Gary Bowser has declared himself guilty and prepares to pay as many

Update – Some passages have been edited and rewritten for greater clarity, and incorrect references to sites and people involved have also been removed. We apologize for the misunderstanding. It follows the original news.

The pleas that the lawyers of Ntenta and Bowser have reached, precisely, provides for the payment of 4.5 million dollars (about 3.88 million euros at the current exchange rate) as compensation for the damages caused by the illegal activities conducted by Team Xecuter with

The documentation attesting the agreement reached by the two parties concerned states that “Bowser was the exponent of a company that based its interests in activities related to cybercrime”: from 2013 to August 2020, Team Xecuter has been a member of the European

Although they had never sold ROMs directly, Team Xecuter’s documents claimed that it would have helped spread them through a series of pirate sites that distributed illegal material and all devices sold by the group were sent to consumers with a series of ROMs included. With the nickname GaryOPA, Bowser would have written for years on the MaxConsole website frequently talking about the products made by Team-Xecuter and thus promoting its activity.

Gary Bowser has been in prison since the end of last year, when he was arrested in Dominican Republic and extradited to the United States, where he is serving his sentence. According to Torrentfreak, after claiming to be innocent, Bowser admitted to being responsible for the crimes mentioned and now risks up to 10 years in prison. Last year, Max Louarn was arrested along with Yuanning Chen (residence in Shenzhen, China), who was still on the loose. Both would help Bowser in his illicit activity as a member of Team Xecuter.

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