Nintendo: Switch’s Successor In 2023 With 4K Spout For An Insider

The leaks continue by insider Markomaro, a source that is not really too well known but has shown in the past that he is rather ironed on what happens in the backstage of Nintendo.

This time the focus of the leader is the new console of the house of Kyoto: ” 2022 will be the last big year of Switch, from 2023 Nintendo will focus on the next generation with a new console similar to the current Switch but slightly more

Markomaro debuted with these words, claiming he didn’t know when Nintendo would launch his new console even if probably the debut was set for Holiday Season 2023, that is the period from October to December. The company would be working on a large number of games to accompany the debut of the new hardware including a new Mario Kart, a new Mario 3D, a complete edition of Super Smash Bros Ultimate and improved versions of The Legend of

The current Switch should survive until 2024, after Nintendo will focus solely on the new console. Is that true? Although intriguing, these rumors must obviously be taken with the necessary precautions pending confirmation or denial.

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