Nintendo Switch Oled, The Screen Risks Burn-In? Results After 1,800 Hours Of Testing

The youtuber Wulff Den conducted an interesting burn-in test for OLED Switch. In an attempt to understand whether or not the screen of the new hybrid jewel of Nintendo is subject to the problem of “ghost pixels,” the content creator left the console on and on the same screen for as many as 1,800 hours.

The test was carried out with a copy of Zelda Breath of the Wild, inside a sanctuary and with the fixed frame on an area where the high contrast between the dungeon walls and the illuminated background could provide some To keep the console on, the youtuber used a SplidPad Hori controller and left OLED Switch permanently in charge.

To those who follow us, we remind that burn-in is an effect that occurs mainly on OLED displays that consists in the appearance on the panel of what we can define as ‘ghost print’, i.e. the persistent track on pixels of static images displayed for long

Well, as Wulff Den himself explains, “there is no difference in any of the color tests I performed. On the screen there are no obvious signs of ‘pixel burning’ caused by burn-in, even after leaving for almost 2,000 hours Switch on the same screen. There is only one tiny, almost imperceptible difference in the intensity of light, with a slight green nuance emerging in the scenes of the shrine of BOTW strongly illuminated.”

At the end of his test, the youtuber therefore invites all owners of Switch Oled not to worry about burn-in: regardless of their video games routines, the problem should not arise even after several years of use of the console. Before leaving you to the above video, we invite those who follow us to read our review of Nintendo Switch OLED.

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