Nintendo Switch: New Games For Mega Drive And Commodore 64!

Retrogaming enthusiasts in possession of Nintendo Switch, for you there are two very interesting news, the first concerns a new wave of Mega Drive games coming for Online Switch subscribers while the second is linked to the publication of a But let’s go with order.

Nintendo Switch Online + Add-on Package Five new Mega Drive games are already available: Altered Beast, Dynamite Headdy, Sword of Vermilion, Thunder Force II and ToeJ

The second news, as we said, is linked to the debut of the games for C64 on Nintendo Switch, published by British publisher Thalamus, historian publisher of games for home computer Commodore like Snare, Delta, Unfortunately there are no other details, the publisher has limited himself to having listened to the audience and for this in 2022 will publish games for C64 on Nintendo eShop, unfortunately other information is not known and we just have to wait to learn more.

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