Nintendo Switch: Eshop Reloads And Nintendo Switch Online Subscriptions On Amazon

On Amazon, as well as video games, consoles and controllers, the Nintendo eShop’s reloads and gift cards are also available, as are Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions.

If you prefer digital games or buy custom add-on, DLC, app and Indie Games, major recharge cuts are available on Amazon for the Nintendo eShop:

After a few minutes after purchase, Amazon will send you the code to reload your account (or send as a gift reload). The code is valid for reloading the account for the purchase of games and add-ons for these consoles: nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo 2DS

On Amazon you can also purchase the Nintendo Switch Online subscription, which allows us to play online games for Nintendo Switch that provide compatibility, access a selection of classic games for NES and SNES often integrated with new features

Nintendo Switch Online is available on Amazon for €7.99 with duration 3 months, €19.99 with duration 12 months or €34.99 12 months family size that allows access to up to 8 different devices.

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