Nintendo Switch At 100 Million Units Sold? Vgchartz Estimates

Nintendo Switch may have reached a milestone in historical sales. In light of the 1,314,674 units sold globally (all versions sold on the market) during the week between 12 and 18 December 2021, the Nintendo hybrid platform would have exceeded 100 million consoles sold since the launch of 2017.

The VGChartz portal reveals this, which brings a total of Switch sold at 100.72 million: this makes it the seventh console in history to have crossed a similar goal, after the first PlayStation, PlayStation 2, P However, compared to the same period of 2020, VGChartz notes that the system’s sales would have decreased by 13.5%. This makes us rethink the words of Shuntaro Furukawa, President Nintendo, who spoke of Nintendo Switch that could not be found in 2022 because of the well-known semiconductor crisis and all the logistical difficulties of distribution due to the pandemic of For now, however, Nintendo Switch dominates Japan, with the software ranking occupied exclusively by games for the platform of the Grande N.

On the contrary, in the same week ending December 18, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S recorded a growth of 44.9% and 44.3% respectively compared to the same period of a year earlier. As the PS5 went down in detail, it would have placed 541,390 more units, reaching a total of 16.68 million consoles sold since the launch, while Xbox Series X/S additional 459,416 systems bringing the total figure to 11 million since the de

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