Nintendo Switch And Joy-Con Etika: Nintendo Blocks The Charity Project For Copyright

In the summer of 2019 the sad disappearance of the YouTuber ‘Etika’ took place, a young 29-year-old strongly linked to the videogaming universe and Nintendo in particular.

Following the event, a charity campaign was launched to support the JED Foundation Group, an institution committed to raising awareness of suicide and psychological well-being issues, as well as in support activities for adolescents and young adults suffering from mental health issues. The initiative saw the creation of protective shells for Joy-Con by Nintendo Switch decorated with a design related to content creator and baptized “Etikons.” The products, supported by a crowd-funding campaign, were distributed on Etsy for about a year now.

However, the activity will soon be terminated following Nintendo’s intervention. The Kyoto house has notified a copyright infringement to the Etikons creator, inviting him to cease its creation, sale and distribution. The Cease & Desist was delivered in September 2020 and the managers of the charity initiative are adapting to the demands, stopping the production of protections for Joy-Con. At the moment, Nintendo does not seem to have considered alternative measures related to the beneficial nature of the activity conducted by the creators of the Etikons: therefore, it does not remain to wait for any further developments.

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