Nintendo Switch: 92.87 Million Distributed Consoles, Over 680 Million Games Sold

Nintendo announced that the Nintendo Switch family consoles reached a total distribution of 92.87 million units at 30 September 2021, since it thus excludes sales of Nintendo Switch OLED released in early October.

During the summer quarter from July 1 to September 30, the Kyoto house sold 3.83 million consoles worldwide while the games for Switch exceeded 681 million with a ratio of 7.3, this means that every console owner has bought

During the current fiscal year that will end on 31 March 2022 Nintendo will produce about 24 million Switch with a 20% cut to production due to the semiconductor crisis, about 1.5 million consoles less than the 25.5 million previously anticipated. In any case, this has not changed the collection estimates that remain unchanged compared to the previous report.

Nintendo Switch has been hugely successful since the launch and analysts say the 100 million console finish could be cut during the Christmas season for which at least 3.5/4 million Switch consoles are expected distributed thanks to the towing of games like Poke

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