Nintendo Indie World Showcase December 2021: A Roundup Of Incoming Games

The Nintendo Indie World Showcase of 15 December 2021 went to the archives and brought with it many announcements and updates related to the independent scene of Nintendo Switch, which in the future will be enriched with several promising indie productions and with many themes

The show opens with Sea of Stars, JRPG prequel by The Messenger, and then continues with Allisha: The Oblivion of Twin Goddess, a three-dimensional puzzle game created by the Taiwanese studio Then we move to Loco Motive of Robust Games, a project that will attract the attention of all lovers of graphic adventures point and click, and then leave space to Afterlove EP, curious mix between rhythm

The 2D Dungeon Munchies platformer is already available for download, while Fig 2: Creed Valley impresses players with its unique style that mixes music, adventure and puzzles. Let’s Play! Oink Games is a collection of digital table games that are also available immediately, while in spring 2022 Endling: Instinction is Forever can be played. In February of the new year, however, OlliOlli World will be accessible to everyone, with the possibility to book it already from the end of the showcase.

The online event is approaching its final lines: the new trailer of River City Girls 2 and a roundup of other indie among which we find Timelie, Don’t Starve Together, Grime and the ‘ The Indie World Showcase finally closes with the launch window of Omori, a psychological RPG horror that will be finally available from next spring also on the hybrid console of Nintendo after the previous debut on Steam.

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