Nintendo Eshop: The Section Dedicated To The Most Played Games On Switch Arrives

Nintendo added a new section to the eShop, simply called Most Player and dedicated to the most popular and popular games on Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite and Switch Oled.

The section in question simply shows a list of the most played games in the last two weeks, when we write at the top of the ranking we find obviously Pokemon Diamond and Pearl followed by Disgaea 6, Football Manager 2022 Touch and Shin

The list of most played games on Switch also includes Dragon Quest Builders 2, Diablo II Resurrected, Civilization VI, Fire Emblem Three Houses, My Time at Portia, X

An “alternative” way for the eShop to recommend and discover new games to buy based not so much on the best-selling games but precisely on the titles actually played by the console owners, it is a feature present on all the major digital shops but The rollout started in the night and therefore the most played section may not be present on the Italian eShop yet but over the next few hours it should make its appearance in our country.

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