Nintendo Eshop Down: Server Tilt At Christmas, Is It The Fault Of The Record Sales Of Switch?

Nintendo’s prediction of possible congestion problems for the ‘too much sales’ servers of Switch is confirmed on Christmas: the high number of users connected to the Kyoto home servers is in fact making it difficult to access the online features of the hybrid platform.

As we write, both in Europe and North America are multiplying the reports of those who claim that they cannot access the eShop or run into error messages just before finalizing the purchase of the games for Switch.

Despite the lack of communication from social channels of Nintendo’s official support, just take a quick tour of specialized portals such as DownDetector to find further feedback on the problems reported by the community.

The difficulties in accessing Nintendo eShop services, however, would seem to affect only a part of the hybrid console user and not involve features such as Nintendo Switch Online or the use of multiplayer games.

We are therefore waiting to receive further communications from Nintendo and to discover, in this way, when the problems that are affecting the eShop are solved, most likely, the high traffic generated by users connected to the servers of Sw Meanwhile, we remind you that Christmas discounts on eShop are available (connection errors permitting) and will be available until the end of 2021.

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