Nintendo Did Not Hire People Born In Unfortunate Days: The Curious Background

Some customs within the industry may be so absurd that they are true. According to Perrin Kaplan, who held the post of Nintendo of America VP of marting and corporate affairs from 1992 to 2008, the Kyoto home did not hire people born on an unfortunate day (like Friday 13 to

This was the time when Hiroshi Yamauchi, who led the company with his hard fist, was in charge of President Nintendo and could not contradict his decisions. Kaplan explained that in the 1990s the company followed particular ideals, including that of not hiring employees born on an unfortunate date, in addition to being devoted to Feng Shui philosophy, which connects the development of natural events in relation to our vital energy and is based on

“It was a different time. For example, I remember that in the 1990s all our birth dates were examined before they were taken. They were checking your birthday and if it was a bad date you weren’t hired, even if we worked in America,” explains Kaplan, who goes deeper with the background: “It was and is still a company dedicated to Fe We at Nintendo of America were to expand into the building of another company called Eddie Bauer, which had its interiors angled. We entered together with Satoru Iwata and Minoru Arakawa, who examined the structure and even checked the direction of the water flowing in the bathrooms. And after the controls, that building was flunked.”

Little by little, however, these customs have begun to change, especially from the presidency of Iwata onwards. Staying on the subject, Nintendo of America recently closed offices in California and Ontario. Moving on to more pleasant notes, one of the greatest figures in history Nintendo celebrated his birthday: Shigeru Miyamoto turned 69.

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