Nintendo And The Switch Scam On Sale: The Legal War Begins On ‘Rogue Sites’

Parallel and complementary to the unstoppable success of Nintendo Switch, the danger of online scams is growing by those who create ‘rogue sites’ with a design identical to that of the eShop and the portals of the house The Japanese company is aware of this and is said to be ready to resort to legal proceedings.

With a note issued by Nintendo Japan’s official support, the gaming giant warns its users of the dangers posed by criminal organizations and hackers who steal money and information through the creation of clone sites. The portals in question deceive the enthusiasts with a layout identical to that of the Nintendo sites, except for the presence of pages and promotional banners that encourage visitors to buy at balance prices of the false Nintendo S consoles

The activities carried out by these organizations, of course, do not only endanger the data and accounts of users but also cause economic and image damage to Nintendo itself, especially in view of the popularity of Switch, hence the decision of the house of

At the end of the note, the Japanese company advises its customers to pay particular attention to the sites they visit and buy games, consoles or accessories Switch: Nintendo also specifies that he will promptly notify the competent authorities whenever the activities of the

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