Nightingale: The Victorian Fantasy World Of Survival Gdr In New Postcards

After capturing us with Nightingale’s video show at TGA 2021, Inflexion Games developers tickle the curiosity of survival fans by showing Victorian fantasy size of

The first project signed by this software house founded by experienced developers such as the former BioWare Aaryn Flynn will project us into a medieval world that, permeated for centuries by magical forces, is in full ferment for a

In this particular narrative frame will move users impersonating the explorers of Nightingale, a guild in charge of unleashing their adventurers to the four corners of the kingdom to find objects, resources, materials and spells useful to

Nightingale is scheduled to launch in 2022: at least initially, the title will see the light only and exclusively on PC, but with the concrete possibility of a future porting on consoles (we suppose PS5 and Xbox Series X/S) if the game The first stages of testing will begin shortly.

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