Nightingale: The Mix Between Survival And Fps Is Shown At Tga 2021

During the evening of The Game Awards 2021 we have not only witnessed the return of successful series or new trailers of products already known. Among the new IP ads we find Nightingale, a game to keep an eye on because of its development team, which also includes the former Bioware Aaryn Flynn.

The trailer shown at the event allows us to understand in detail what it is: Nightingale is a survival game with first person view that alternates phases in which players find themselves building and managing a base through cra mechanics The game, which combines the Victorian setting with fantasy, can be played in single players or online and is only coming on PC. The aim of the development team is to finish work on the project by the end of 2022. Anyone interested in the title can visit the official website to propose themselves as testers and have the opportunity in the future to try a non-final build of the game.

Before leaving you to the 4K trailer of the game, full of gameplay sequences, we remind you that Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade will arrive on PC in 2021 and will be exclusive Epic.

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