Nier, Not Just 2B: Here’s A Fascinating Kainé Cosplay

Nier’s brand was born in 2010, with Platinum Games that was based on the universe created in Drakengard to produce new stories and characters. Initially, Cavia’s spin-off, distributed by Square Enix, was not able to gather sufficient consensus between critics and the public, launching this world into oblivion.

The return with NieR Automata developed by Platinum Games has changed things radically. The adventure of 2B has enthused from the beginning to the end not only in 2017, the year of its release, but still today, so much to encourage the creation of the video game for smartphone Nier Re[in]carnation and a sort of

The woman, dressed in very revealing clothes, remains very represented in the world of cosplay despite the omnipresence of the protagonist 2B Nier Automata on the net. Nekoneko is one of the cosplayers who decided to focus on Nier’s co-star in her photos. The model presents a cosplay of Kainé with a blue dress and swords in a white and mysterious environment.

Meanwhile, from the last video game of the saga, the Nier Re[in]carnation for Android and iPhone, comes also the Akeha cosplay.

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