Nier Automata: A2 In A Cosplay Ready To Give Battle

A few years after the launch, more than 5.5 million copies of Nier Automata are distributed worldwide. Not to mention the video gamers who have experienced adventures in this post-apocalyptic world thanks to the Gamepass in early 2021, joining the audience who had already had the chance to try out Platinum Games’ work.

Nier Automata has a fascinating and wonderful world but not simple, considering that the protagonists who live the various phases of history are forced to fight from time to time against the machines that have taken control of the Earth. 2B is very busy to accomplish its task, but it is not the only warrior who can be controlled in Platinum Games video game.

It is possible to experience the story of A2, another of the characters of Nier Automata, much appreciated by fans, even if not as the protagonist. In the body and face, A2 looks much like the counterpart, with long white hair – but sometimes short – is a black dress, accompanied by a sword that uses to fight.

The cosplayer Kendel has decided to dedicate herself to Nier Automata’s A2 in a cosplay visible below. It is Kim Kaguya who has recently dedicated herself to the cosplay of 2B very varied.

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