Nier Automata: 2B Dressed For Christmas In Enji Night’s Cosplay

Nier Automata’s Earth is in decline, a world that has been conquered by machines and on which humans have not managed to set foot. Our species, confined to space, tried to send 2B and the other protagonists of Nier Automata to try to put a brake on the situation. There is therefore no space for Christmas there.

So no skin like that for 2B, which already enjoys a rather full-bodied clothing. The white-haired girl and the black dress with fluttering skirt that slices cars to the right and missing in Nier Automata can choose between various outfits in the video game Platinum Games. The fan imagination does not stop at the digital walls of the product, invading every corner of the net.

It is not a dream to see 2B in the Christmas version on various social media and, since we are now in the right period, here is a cosplay of 2B red and white to celebrate Christmas. Prepared by Enji Night, the cosplayer has chosen as the base one of the costumes used by the protagonist of Nier Automata in the video game, carefully changing it to turn black into white and red, adding also small reindeer horn

This 2B looks very Christmas, suitable for celebrating these days. If you prefer the classic, there is the 2B by Kim Kaguya, but don’t miss the variant that sees Nier and Sailor Moon join in this special 2B cosplay.

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