Next Gen Atp E-Series 2021: A Finale Full Of Emotions For Tennis Enthusiasts

In mid-November at the Allianz Cloud in Milan, the final of the Next Gen ATP Finals was held, a show reserved for the eight best under 21 of the ATP tennis circuit, an event that crowned the eighteenth-century champion.

Just before the racket’s funambols went down, the next Gen ATP e-Series 2021 finalists, the virtual counterpart of the competition, who involved the best Italian players from Tennis World, challenged themselves on that same game rectangle. A clash with the last Ace, climax of a route lasting almost six months, born thanks to the partnership between Mkers and the FIT and ATP tennis federations. An event, moreover, that has allowed us to enjoy a show dedicated to competitive live after the difficult months past.

The journey of the best virtual tennis players began in June. Through six intense appointments, players clashed to be among the top eight top players who could have access to the Allianz Cloud. The first four stages of the Next Gen ATP e-Series 2021, in fact, have seen only one dominator: Lorenzo Cioffi in art Isniper, the best Italian player, internationally recognized. The last two appointments, have seen other champions emerge: Geppetto98022 and the surprise Zlatansteo, able to exit on the distance. In the magnificent eight were also Siscotime, IdusMartias, Mastro96, Onizuka86rm and Alexmmn9.

Players have challenged themselves in the temple dedicated to Next Gen ATP Finals. Eventually, only two of them were left to contend for the title. The others fell, one after the other, who accused the blow of a performance anxiety, who suffering a lot the LAN version of the tennis title developed by Nacon. The game in fact, live, changes a lot. The gameplay is distorted by the absence of lag, the ball splashes away, the rhythm rises; you can even score certain shots like Ace.

The two finalists of the Next Gen ATP e-Series 2021 Lorenzo “Isniper” Cioffi and Rocco “IdusMartias” Marcone have given rise to an incredible challenge. The master’s blows, from one side to the other, have been almost seamlessly followed. The match was played as always at the best of the three sets with tie break in case of parity. And the tie breaks we could admire all. Every single set, in fact, has dragged point to point, emphasizing to each exchange the great preparation of the two boys.

In the end, the score of two sets to zero awarded Isniper, but only because it was necessary to elect a winner. In fact, they both deserved praise. IdusMartias and Isniper have given us one of the most beautiful matches of the entire championship.

Next Gen ATP e-Series 2021 has shown that a combination of sport and export, real tennis and virtual tennis is possible.

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