New World, Opens The Ptr And Arrives The Transmuted Shipments: What Is It?

With the aim of speeding up and improving the development of new features, yesterday 7 January the Amazon Game Studios guys officially opened the Public Realm of New World, a set of servers with limited availability that will give players a preview of the

With this PTR version, which currently provides for a world in the Eastern United States and another in Central Europe, a new end-game feature has been introduced: the Shipping Transmutators. What is it?

Transmutators are basically modifiers that alternate experience within expeditions, enhancing “Normal” and “Numble” enemies, changing the way the meetings take place and what strategies should be taken into account before the battle In addition to fighting, prizes also change, including new equipment and resources that offer additional ways to increase the power level in New World.

The system is designed to alternate a unique combination of shipments and transmutations every week, with 10 difficulty levels for Shipping Transmutation (the last ones are really hard!). However, during the current PTR the changes were set on an accelerated cycle to offer everyone the possibility to play a variety of transmutations on different end-game shipments. The “Recommended Equipment Pointing” levels for a transmuted Shipment are important, since they affect directly the leveling of enemies. In addition, the scaling level is individual for each player and is separated from the basic health and damage difficulties increases.

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