New World, Off To The Winter Convergence Festival: Free Bonus And Christmas On Aeternum

Despite the decline of New World players registered at the beginning of the month, the post-winter launch support route proposed by the Amazon Games Studios team continues.

After discussing the merger of New World servers again, the authors of the MMO decided to celebrate Christmas in-game with a special event: the Winter Convergence Festival. Completely free, the latter brings to the stage the clash between the Winter Wanderer, a positive force that promotes peace and perseverance, and the Winter Warrior, a negative entity that brings death and inactivity. The view of Aeternum also adapts to the festive climate, with snow-covered lands and the appearance of the northern dawn among the island’s skies.

With the Winter Convergence Festival, Aeternum’s visitors can put their hands on new armor, weapons, furniture, skin, goods and an emote dedicated to the ritual of the exchange of gifts. Among the latter, there will be sets distributed to players in a completely free way on a regular basis. Every two days, for the period from 17 to 27 December, items such as the complete armor of the Hunter’s Winter Holidays or the Christmas Star will be offered in tribute to the community.

Obviously, the celebrations will have a limited duration. Now available, the Winter Convergence Festival will end with the next Tuesday, January 11, 2022.

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