New World: Many Updates And Bug Fixes Coming Up, But No Unreleased Content Until March

The latest video update journal to New World’s development offers the senior producer of Amazon Game Studios, Katy Kaszynski, the opportunity to illustrate the software house strategies regarding the timing of publication of the upcoming content updates for

Amazon’s exponent of internal software house avoids unnecessary word-turns and explains that “February will be a month that we will devote only to developing bug fixes and corrective updates. There will be no new important content with updates that we will launch in February. We want to make sure that we launch a good amount of corrective measures to meet the demands and needs of fans, and to do so we need to focus on certain aspects of the title.”

Amazon’s promised interventions should therefore, among others, solve the strange bugs of New World that affect the game economy with Bot “too efficient,” to silence the numerous glitch and problems reported by the community since the opening of servers. In this respect, Kaszynski’s confirmation of the extension of testing on the Public Realm of Testing (PTR) also includes: developers will extend each test phase by at least 20 days to acquire more data and information useful to

As for the work carried out by Amazon’s studies to enrich the role-playing dimension of Aeternum, the last diary video announces the arrival in the coming weeks of a new weapon and a lower Tier to try out in the Tas Shippings

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