New Ps5 Stocks: Console Coming From Gamestop On January 19, 2022

Although more than a year has passed since the release, physical and onlinePlayStation 5 is still difficult to find in stores due to the semiconductor crisis, whose effects are also felt on Xbox Series X. However, it seems that in the next few days they can arrive new with

The news was given by the company’s Twitch channel, which in one of the last directs communicated a precise message to all its spectators through the help of a bot. The statement, published automatically and therefore not by a user, reads the following message:

“Purchasing PS5 • During the next episode of GameStop TV (Wednesday at 16:00) a few pieces of PlayStation 5 Digital will be sold! We do not know any other details at the moment, we will update you in the next few days.”

It would seem that on Wednesday 19 January 2022 players will be given the opportunity to grab some units of the console without the optical reader and with a lower selling price than the standard edition. Unfortunately, you do not know the details of how these units will be sold and the time when you can try to buy one, but it is likely that more information will be found during the weekend.

Meanwhile, we remind you that an online patent related to the retrocompatibility of PlayStation 5 is ticking video players from all over the world.

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