New Games Out In December 2021: Is The Month Of Halo Infinite And Ff Xiv Endwalker

As every year, as Christmas holidays come closer, some of the most anticipated titles of the players come to the gaming market. This year, December will be a particularly important month for owners of Windows PCs and Xbox consoles, who will finally be able to venture into the world of Halo Infinite.

After previewing Halo Infinite’s Beta multiplayer, players will be able to try out the single player campaign, along with the finished version of the online multiplayer segment. On December 8th it will be a historic moment for the saga and for all fans who have been following it for 20 years now.

Among the other monthly releases we find Big Brain Academy Challenge between Mints, new collection of tests and puzzles coming on Nintendo Switch on December 3. The same day Chorus, Deep Silver’s new space shooter, will debut. On December 7th the long awaited moment of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, the new giant expansion of the acclaimed MMORPG Square-Enix, but also that of Life is Strange True Colors in edition Ni

Next, we will have the return of Kate Walker (this time flanked by Dana Roze) with Syberia The World Before on December 10. On December 14th, it will be the day of the opening of the Among Us on PlayStation and Xbox consoles (it will be included on the day one on Xbox Game Pass). Two days later, on December 16th, the Gunk will arrive exclusively on Windows PC and Xbox Series X Plus and Xbox One consoles. Find a useful summary of all December releases in the video we have packed for you.

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