Negative Atmosphere: Horror Between Dead Space And Alien Isolation Is Back In New Gameplay

Sunscorched indie developers reopen a window on the dark-coloured size of Negative Atmosphere by packaging several video gameplay that captures the deformed scenarios and creatures of this

The latest clips shared by the software house indie make us re-wear the pressurized suit of Samuel Edwards, a former field doctor escaped the mysterious alien infection that hit his travel companions of the industrial ship TRH

After the initial shock, our alter-ego will have to deal with monsters that haunt the installation and fight to get a way out of the ship, all knowing that it cannot send a distress signal to the nearby ships and to

In the videos made by the Sunscorched team, there are several scenes that show, for example, the mechanics involved in the use of gadgets to explore the setting and approach adopted in the management of the combat phases with the automatons out of control

The development of Negative Atmosphere on PC, then, proceeds as per program. While waiting for more information on the launch window and the possible port of the title on consoles such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, please note that Alien Isolation has been available on iOS and Android for a few days.

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