Naraka Bladepoint: World Championship 1.5 Million Dollars Is Coming!

Naraka: Bladepoint (you can read our impressions about Naraka) will have its first competitive tournament this week, indeed, from tomorrow: the Naraka: Bladepoint World Championship of 1.5 million dollars.

The event will be held in Singapore from 13 to 16 January, will bring together players who have dominated regional tournaments and who will clash in Trio mode for the title of best Naraka team in the world.

The title, despite the physiological decline due to the post-release period, can boast a solid base player in China and an average of 60,000 players per day on Steam. The teams involved in the world are from North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Asia, including Nigma Galaxy and Alliance professional teams.

12 other teams from the Chinese regional scene will join those already qualified for the event. All details, updates will of course be found on the official website. Winners will earn the first prize of $1.5 million and of course will be recognized as the first champions in the world.

Livestreams will be on Twitch, Facebook Gaming. The viewers who watch live on any of the streaming platforms will have the usual opportunity to \’drop \\\\\’ exclusive objects related to the world championship of Naraka: Bladepoint.

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