Nano Racing, Miniature Racing In Unreal Engine 5: First Look At The New Racing Game

Before leaving us, the already generous 2021 gave us the presentation of another promising driving video game: its name is Nano Racing, and it is moved by the new generation engine Unreal Engine 5. Let’s find out together.

The year just passed was not at all miserable in terms of driving games: Force Horizon 5 broke into the market imposing itself as the king of the symarcade courses, while Hot Wheels Unleashed of In 2022 it will be Nano Racing, a small production of courses focused on radio-controlled cars that attracted our attention thanks to the adoption of the new Unreal Engine 5.

Nano Racing promises to accompany us on board miniature racing cars on home and city circuits, which seem to be characterized by a level of detail of all respect from the first videos. The next-gen nature of production is evident, with a realistic volume of the buildings and an effective yield of the materials. We believe that the management of white people should be improved, as should the appearance of small cars – which at the moment seem rather anonymous. We will express ourselves fully when the time comes: Nano Racing is expected in 2022 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

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