My Neighbor Alice Arrives Free In Spring: Animal Crossing With Nfts

Among the 45 million dollars earned by Legacy, new creation by Peter Molyneux, and the continuous announcement of videogaming productions related to the NFT market, it seems that the fashion of the Non Fungible Tokens is destined to occupy the scene for

Among the many productions that exploit the possibilities offered by Blockchain, My Neighbor Alice, a peculiar reinterpretation of life simulators in Animal Crossing style, is now emerging. Antler Interactive developers have stated that they want to be inspired by this type of production to propose to a wide audience an instrument that can include both a purely playful aspect and the possibility of trading NFT.

The result is My Neighbor Alice, a life simulator multiplayer in which players can build their own home and devote themselves to various activities, such as fishing, agriculture, breeding and much more. Through your avatar, you can make friends with your neighbors or start a trade in in-game goods. Each player is the owner of a virtual island, for which he is the absolute responsible. At the moment, My Neighbor Alice does not yet have a precise release date, but remains expected on PC during spring 2022. With a free distribution in free to play format, the title will obviously support micro-transactions in-game.

Among the productions that exploit the same logics, but in a different videogaming genre, we can mention the recent announcement of Space Crytpo.

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