Mutan Insight Is Working On Remake Of A High End Ps5 Rpg Based On Unreal Engine 5

Mutan Insight is a Japanese development support firm that works on a project for several well-known clients. The company is looking for new professional figures for a role-playing game intended for PlayStation 5.

Specifically Mutan Insight looks for 3D motion designer, 3D art director, 3D background designer and 2D character designer for a “RPG High End in development for PlayStation 5” project in

Mutan Insight has worked in the past on the models of the series Atelier and Blue Reflection on behalf of Gust and Koei-Tecmo, on the DLC Episode Ardyn of Final Fantasy XV and has collaborated with

It is not as mentioned a real development study but a service that works on call, carrying out works related to the technical sector, programming, the design of polygonal models and environments on behalf of external projects of small and large customers. What could it be, then? The hypotheses are many, the certainties very few.

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