Multiversus: Will The Bat With Batman And Shaggy Be Free Or Paid?

The rumors of the corridor proved true: WB Games announced MultiVersus, a Super Smash Bros.-style hitch-kicking that will compare the stars of completely different universes with each other, creating spectacular and engaging battles

The first characters of the multiversus roster have also been confirmed, currently 13 and which includes large icons such as Batman, Superman, Shaggy of Scooby-Doo, Bugs Bunny and Arya Stark de Il WB Games has also already confirmed the method of distribution of the game: will MultiVersus be free or paid? Well, the title will be distributed during 2022 on PC and PlayStation and Xbox consoles as free to play, without having to pay a penny to have access to the basic content. Several additional content will come after the launch on a seasonal basis, but for the moment it is unclear whether or not they will be paid. In any case, you can play MultiVersus with your friends immediately, given the predominantly cooperative nature of the project.

Among other interesting features of the opera, cross-play and cross-progress are guaranteed between all platforms that will host the WB Games title, allowing players to play with anyone. MultiVersus promises to be a fun experience, waiting to discover its actual release date over the next year.

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