Multimillionaire Ceo Of Gaming: The Ranking Of The Most Paid In 2020

The CEO’s role is a very responsible one, and for this reason it is very well paid. The CEO of the gaming world also earns millions and millions of dollars, as demonstrated by the ranking of the most paid in 2020 by Games One.

Games One has compiled the ranking by analysing the documents of numerous companies and extrapolating the data related to salary, bonuses, shares and other monetary benefits. He then found that the most paid CEO gaming in 2020 was Robert Antokol, who earned 372 million dollars driving Playtika, an Israeli company specializing in free-to-play that you probably never heard of. He has a record of Solitaire Grand Harvest, Vegas Downtown Slots and World Series of Poker.

In second place, there is a well-known personality, Bobby Kotick of Activision, who in 2020 earned $154.6 million, less than half of his Israeli colleague. Last April Kotick reduced his 50% salary to help the company meet financial targets, while in October he reduced it by 99% to only 62 thousand dollars (the minimum required by American law) to give a signal of change after the heavy complaint for harassment against the Next year, therefore, we will hardly see him so high in the rankings. Closes the podium Andrew Paradise of Skillz, an eSports platform for mobile, which earned 103 million dollars. Following you find the Top 10.

Top 10 most paid CEO gaming in 2020

Robert Antokol (Playtika) – 372 million dollars Robert Kotick (Activision Blizzard) – 154.6 million dollars Andrew Paradise (Skillz) – 103.3 million dollars Andrew Wilson (EA) –

Find the complete ranking on the Games One website. Other known include Yosuke Matsuda from Square Enix in 17th position with 4.1 million dollars, Shuntaro Furukawa from Nintendo in 19th with 2.8 million dollars, Marcin Iwiński and Adam Kici

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