Mortal Kombat: Princess Kitana In A Cosplay With Her Sharp Fans

Mortal Kombat is a title of absolute thickness and whose history has its roots in the 90s. A twenty years ago, the title currently in the hands of NetherRealm Studios began to present his mortal fights, between arenas rich in pitfalls and warriors who wanted only the death of the opponent to survive in the tournament

Humans, cyborg media and other worlds’ inhabitants took part in this mystical tournament and whose power today reverberates even on the most recent consoles thanks to the work done by the new study. Mortal Kombat is still present today with all his characters, all full of charm and charisma.

Among the warriors selected in Mortal Kombat is a Netherrealm fighter, the realm who wants to invade the Earth at all costs. Princess Kitana is an important character in this chessboard of intrigue and betrayal, as well as fighting to the death. The daughter of Sindel and Jerrod, she becomes a murderer under the cruel reign of Shao Kahn.

His dress is iconic: very revealing, made from a blue fabric that covers little of his physique, while for the fight he uses some sharp fans and with hidden blades. These features were taken by Inu Maiden in his Kitana cosplay.

Mortal Kombat’s world is full of characters very interpreted by the public on Instagram: here is a cosplay of Jade and Skarlet as well as a cosplay of his mother Sindel.

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