Moonstone Island, Between The Legend Of Zelda And Open World: Islands In The Sky Fly In The Trailer

In the beautiful Kiki: Deliveries to Domicilio, Studio Ghibli, the witch star started for a period of training to spend far from home. A similar premise accompanies the public to discover Moonstone Island.

For the protagonist of this interesting Indie it is in fact time to spend a year abroad. A necessary passage to pay homage to the tradition surrounding the study of Alchemy in its village. This is how an adventure begins that will lead him to discover a colorful floating archipelago, whose aesthetics immediately reminds of the first chapters of the series of The Legend of Zelda.

This time, however, the players who test Moonstone Island will face an open world whose more than 120 islands in the sky are generated in a completely procedural manner. On the gameplay front, however, the independent title includes deckbuilder dynamics, with players who will find themselves collecting cards to be exploited in combat. To face a gloomy threat, the young alchemist can count on multiple instruments, as well as the possibility of taming spirits. Travelling through the islands on balloons, brooms and hang gliders, you can also create a farm where you can grow and welcome the spirits you will be friends with.

If you are fascinated by the idea of exploring magical flying islands, we recommend you to view the Moonstone Island trailer available in the opening of this news, but also to read our special on Laputa: The Castle in Heaven, Studio Supersoft’s Indie will arrive during 2022 on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS4 and PS5.

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